Geranium & Bergamot Diffuser Essence (30ml)


Created to evoke a sense of calmness, balance and harmony, this custom-blended pure plant essence blend is designed for use in a diffuser or vaporiser. Blended with a base, heart and top note accord, this alchemy of natural plant oils not only has a complex, alluring aroma but also possesses mood-enhancing aromatherapeutic properties to stimulate mind, body and soul.

Scent journey:
"Indulge in the hypnotic, calming scent of geranium bourbon essence that forms the graceful heart note in this elixir of leafy-floral beauty and includes the ethereal bouquet of Turkish damask rose, warming and harmonious rosewood, fruity Italian-distilled bergamot, powdery clary sage and balsamic cedar Himalayan."

With its calming aromatherapeutic properties, this fragrance is suited for use in the bedroom to evoke a restful and relaxed atmosphere. It's also perfect for the living room to freshen the air and create a peaceful ambience.

Presented in a 30ml amber glass bottle with dripper and screw cap. 

Ingredients: Essential oil.