New 100% Botanical Eau de Parfums now at the atelier

Discover the passionate, spirited and creative soul within with our new range of botanical perfumes. Masterful bespoke scents inspired by the quintessence of nature celebrate the heart and personality of the plant – its essence. Each Eau de Parfum is expertly constructed by our French-trained perfumer from rare and high quality precious plant essences using time-honoured natural perfumery techniques mastered in Paris and beyond.

Harmonious accords blend to create dynamic and intriguing natural fragrances from base to top note. Each composition intimately unfolding each sumptuous note to your senses as you explore the art of natural perfumery. Choose from Lavender Violet Leaf, Mandarin Sandalwood, Neroli Petitgrain, Amber Frankincense and Geranium Bergamot. Contain no toxic synthetic aroma chemicals. Coming online soon.