Clove & Blood Orange Castille Soap (120gm)


This artisanal natural castille cleansing bar is handmade from food-grade quality olive and coconut oils, scented with a pure plant essence perfume and tinted with sun-dried, mineral-rich French spa clay. We use the traditional cold-process method of slow production and curing to allow the ingredients to retain their nourishing properties and hydrating glycerin.

With a soft and creamy lather, this gentle, natural soap will not strip the skin of its natural oils, yet deeply clean body, face, hands, and hair with no harmful ingredients.

Scent journey:
"Immerse your senses in an alchemy of the warm and zesty perfume of blood orange peel and the tantalising fragrance of clove and cardamom pods with the sweet bouquet of rose geranium, the entrancing notes of tobacco and tea in clary sage and peppery undertones of resinous frankincense."

Sensory effect:
Evokes inspiration, hope and comfort.

Ingredients: Saponified oils of virgin olive and coconut, purified water, mineral clay, essential oil.

120gm bar presented in a kraft board box.