Eau de Parfum

We've taken natural perfumery to a whole new level and are delighted to introduce a range of exclusive botanical eau de parfum. These exquisite bespoke fragrances are created with precious plant-distilled oils and absolutes sustainably sourced from flowers, fruit, leaves, wood, grasses and resins by our French-trained botanical perfumer. These treasured natural materials contain an abundance of mood-enhancing, aromatherapeutic molecules that don't only smell extraordinary, but also speak to your senses to enchant, allure and delight. Needless to say, our perfume is not adulterated by any synthetic ingredients whatsoever.

With an intrinsic quality more alluring and authentic than any synthetic imitation could ever be, each bottle of 'liquid emotion' will take you on an aromatic journey through a transition of fragrant notes and accords. Tenacious, naturally-fixing base note essences have been masterfully incorporated so each perfume will linger for hours without the need for re-application.

Each fragrance is presented in a simple glass ampule within a stylish and refillable amulet. This magnetic-closing amulet case has been crafted in France from high-quality bakelite and is designed to be reused and refilled. It's perfect to carry in your bag and will encase your fine fragrance in a beautiful protective cylinder. To replenish your fragrance, simply remove the empty ampule and purchase a replacement.

Contains no petrochemicals, phthalate, animal-derived products, synthetic aroma molecules, no 'nature identical' ingredients.