Scent makes business sense

Scent makes business sense

July 24, 2018

Our sense of smell is often neglected in the modern world, especially in the business world. From emails and blog posts to print ads and radio commercials, our eyes and ears are constantly bombarded with advertisements attempting to move us in some way. This advertising white noise is making it increasingly difficult to differentiate a business and make it stand out.

Our olfactory sense (the sense of smell) is the sense that is most strongly associated with long-term memory. Have you ever smelt a fragrance that reminds you vividly of a bygone situation, acquaintance or time? The connection between scent and memory has been hardwired into our minds for millennia.

Why then, do businesses not make a greater effort to connect with their customers through the most primal sense that we possess? Until very recently most businesses haven’t given scent the slightest thought. Luckily, this is changing. Enter the age of aroma-marketing.

Diffusing a natural fragrance at your premises can amplify brand identity, build the perfect ambience for your customers and differentiate your business from competitors. Studies have shown that a scented environment results in clients spending more, feeling more relaxed, staying longer, perceiving your brand as superior and building an emotional and memorable attachment to your brand and products. Scenting your space naturally not only improves customer relations.

It has been proven that employees become more relaxed, more likely to focus and remain motivated when the correct fragrance is diffused.

Each Castille de Fleur essential oil blend is 100% natural and possesses mood-enhancing aromatherapeutic properties. The fragrances are subtle, pure and speak directly to the subconscious mind to evoke a sense of pleasure. Our French-trained botanical perfumer masterfully creates each fragrance using traditional perfumery techniques, taking into consideration the essential oils’ innate mood-enhancing characteristics.

Most of our competitors offer products scented with hazardous synthetic aroma-chemical fragrances. Many of these are toxic, untested and generally have a negative impact on our health and wellbeing. After all, what does projecting an artificial and health-endangering fragrance into your workplace say about you and your brand?

From retail stores to yoga studios; waiting rooms to offices suites, we have a stunning range of products perfect for your business needs. We offer expert guidance to find the right scent for your space and also offer a signature scent consultancy where we can formulate your very own fragrance. We also sell electric vaporisers to passively diffuser your scent throughout your space.

Get a naturally competitive edge in business and contact us to discuss your business’ aroma-marketing future. Scent definitely makes business sense.

What our clients say...

"We have loved our experience with Nicole and the Castille de Fleur team. We were able to create a fragrance that felt uniquely us and set the kind of atmosphere that we wanted in our stores. Being able to think about our brand "look and feel" through fragrance was an exciting opportunity for us. So much of the shopping experience is sensory - the lighting, the flow of the space, the textures in a clothing store - so we were delighted to add fragrance to the list to make the experience even more holistic. We’ve had fantastic feedback from our teams on the floor and from our customers, who seem to really appreciate the warm and inviting atmosphere a good fragrance can set. It’s important to us that our stores are inviting and memorable for customers and a pleasant place to work for our team so we’ve been delighted with the results."

The Ark Clothing Company