Ingredients matter in soap

Ingredients matter in soap

July 08, 2018

Most cleansing products on the market today aren’t real soap at all. Instead, most manufacturers have substituted cheap detergents and synthetic chemical fragrances into their products. These toxin concoctions leave your skin irritated and seep into the bloodstream. Companies that have taken this route can no longer scientifically or legally call their products soap because they’ve strayed so far from traditional recipes.

Those companies that do still actually make real soap generally use cheap, inferior filler oils such as palm or castor. Palm oil is especially bad because its production contributes to devastating deforestation in many tropical regions. These filler oils provide little benefit to the skin and as a result, make mediocre soap.

At Castille de Fleur we use only the finest oils, olive and coconut. They make for soap that lathers richly whilst hydrating and nourishing the skin.

Olive oil has been used for millennia to improve skin health and radiance. It contains high levels of three antioxidants - vitamin E, polyphenols and phytosterols - which help restore skin smoothness and protects from ultraviolet light damage. It doesn’t clog the pores and seeps deep into the skin, hydrating and nourishing as it goes. It makes for the most beautiful, smooth, luxurious soap. Unlike many suppliers that use only small quantities of olive oil, it is the main ingredient in all of our soaps. Olive oil production is environmentally sustainable because the trees are not cut down when the product is harvested. Also, olive trees are notoriously hardy and drought-tolerant, they require no pesticides and consume very little water.

Coconut oil gives our soap its signature creamy lather and is great for you skin. Like olive oil it’s nourishing, hydrating and smoothing. It’s also fantastic for your hair which means our soaps are great to use as shampoo. You can use our soap to wash your entire body, including your hair. Worldwide coconut oil production is more sustainably controlled that palm oil production. Coconut trees can survive for nearly a century and can be harvested for most of that time.

Whilst harsh, chemical detergent-based cleaners strip your skin of natural oils leaving it dry and irritated, Castille de Fleur soap nourishes and revitalises. By using our soaps, both in liquid and bar form, you're adding highly beneficial oils back to your skin. We know you'll notice the difference.