How our new liquid soap is made

How our new liquid soap is made

July 07, 2018

Behind many bespoke, artisanal ventures you'll find a obsessive craftsperson who's mastered their art over many years. Castille de Fleur is no different. Each bottle of our new liquid castille hand and body wash is handmade by our founder and soap-maker Nicole Thomas, who studied soap-making in the South of France and has been perfecting the tricky art for over a decade.

Despite containing only a few simple ingredients, soap-making is a complex undertaking, one that requires scientific knowledge and a deep understanding of the production process. Soap is the result of a unique chemical reaction known as saponification which occurs when hot oil meets an alkaline substance and water. The soap-maker must get the ratio of water, alkaline base and oil exactly right. Doing so takes a great deal of experimentation, testing and experience.

Not only is it important to get the right quantities of ingredients, they must be combined at the correct temperature and at the right time. It's not as simple as throwing them all in, stirring them up and hoping for the best.

We begin by sourcing the finest olive and coconut oil. This is the most critical step and it's what sets us apart from other soap-makers. The few real soap-makers who still exist today often use cheap, low quality and environmentally unsustainable oils. We never skimp on the quality of the oils, using only the best olive and coconut oil.

Castille de Fleur’s country farm and perfumery is blessed with a constant supply of fresh rainwater and we take full advantage of it. Our water comes straight from the heavens to our studio roof, is filtered and distilled and then goes right into our products.

You won't find better soap anywhere in the world. We're proud to use only the best ingredients and traditional, time-honoured production methods. We invite you to try it see for yourself!