• Welcome to our new website
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    Nicole Thomas

Welcome to our new website

If only scent could be conveyed over the internet...

Perhaps one day our laptop computers, tablets and phones will have scent outlets that project aroma rather than sound. Lavender, geranium, lime, neroli and bergamot will come spritzing out of our devices, engaging the most intriguing of all our senses: smell. 

Our sense of smell is the most sensitive of all. Studies show that 65% of scents are remembered after a year, whereas visuals are remembered at 50% after only three months. Further research shows that 75% of our emotions are triggered by scent. 

At Castille De Fleur we treasure the sense of smell. Our business is built around the olfactory sense and we endeavour to create and bring you the very best scents that nature offers. 

Online, this presents a great challenge, but one that we are pleased to have met. Although we are not yet able to deliver scent to you online, we have created an online visual delight for your retail pleasure. The new website is as close as you can get to visiting our beautiful atelier in Canterbury. 

Stunning visuals and a gorgeous layout make perusing the site a true delight. 

So go on, explore. 


  • Post author
    Nicole Thomas