Update from the farm

It’s been a couple of months since we made the move from city to country and we just wanted to say hello give you a long-awaited update on the progress of our farm and perfume distillery. Closing our Canterbury atelier door was difficult but necessary to facilitate CDF’s continual growth since its founding in 2007. Our dream of creating products from seed to scent is finally becoming a reality as our flowers are just beginning to bloom and our distil is starting to steam! We are delighting in our new connection with the land and know our products will reach new levels of excellence with control literally from the ground up.

Despite a somewhat low profile of late, we have been very busy planning, building, developing, researching, traveling and preparing to take our business to the next level. With new key business relationships in place both within Australia and abroad, we are very excited to be announcing a new development early next year that will take our business to the world. Stay tuned for more in the New Year!

A huge thank you goes out to all of those customers who have made the transition to buying CDF products online. We have been overwhelmed with the response of online orders and hope that receiving a special CDF parcel in the mail is just as exciting as venturing into our shop. We know you are going to adore our new farm and perfume distillery and we can’t wait to welcome you there as soon as we are ready to open.

Don’t forget to get in early with your online Christmas gift order and remember that postage and handling is free for all orders over $100 in value. We will also be extending our Relax roll-on remedy gift with purchase with your first online order until Christmas to share a little festive cheer and thank you for venturing online. Many Christmas gift ideas will be hitting the website over the next couple of weeks so keep an eye out online. Be sure to place your order soon to ensure timely delivery and to avoid the Christmas rush!

ps. Please note that CDF products will no longer be available at Rundle and Co. in Theatre Place, Canterbury. Owing to a greater online sales response than expected, we are focusing our attention on our website and also the development of our new perfume distillery concept store at our farm (due to open in 2017).

New Signature Collection available now!

To celebrate the establishment of our new perfumery and farm, we are delighted to introduce a new Signature Collection of our favourite and best-selling products. You'll find all of your beloved products and also a couple of our favourites that we just couldn't resist including. We've presented the range in a new chic neutral label to co-ordinate with any decor in any room. 

Try our luxurious new body cream scented with Jasmine and Tuberose, Rose Patchouli hand cream makes a comeback by popular demand, indulge in Nicole's all-time favourite product - Precious Perfumed Oil featuring Mimosa Wattle and Sandalwood and a new reed diffuser scent with Lemon Myrtle. To all our soap-loving fanatics, Lavender Grapefruit and Lemon Verbena scents are also back in stock available in bars and gift tins. There is something for everyone, so please enjoy browsing through the range...

A new perfumery for Castille de Fleur!

We are excited to announce that Castille de Fleur is moving to our very own botanical perfumery and scented plant farm near Buninyong in country Victoria. After three wonderful years at our Canterbury location, our business is flourishing and we are in need of a larger studio and production facility. Our dream of creating exquisite botanical fragrances from seed to scent will finally become a reality!

Our Canterbury store will remain open until Saturday 13th August so please call in soon to snap up some farewell specials before the doors close. Until our farm store opens in 2017, our products will be available online through our website at www.castilledefleur.com. Take advantage of a complimentary gift of a roll-on eau de toilette Relax fragrance with your first online order. 

We wish to thank you for your wonderful support to date and we will be in touch with updates on our progress at the farm. We are excited to begin Castille de Fleur’s next chapter and can’t wait to introduce you to the sensation of botanical perfumery very soon!

A message from nature in a bottle

Life can be stressful and the pressures placed on us can leave us feeling lost and unbalanced. We can feel disconnected and lose our sense of self. CDF has the solution. Bring the true scent of nature to your life and find balance and harmony with our exquisite range of botanically scented products. Not only are the scents more beautiful than their synthetic counterparts, but they will actually benefit your health rather than hindering it. Essential oils distilled from natural material are proven to enhance your mood and have positive affects on your senses.

Alternatively, most fragranced products on the market today are scented with dangerous synthetic aroma chemicals. These artificial imitations of natural essences are usually untested, unregulated and often made from petrochemicals and harmful ingredients. Many have been linked to cancer and many have the ability to disrupt our respiratory, hormonal, immune, reproductive and nervous systems.

Castille de Fleur uses only 100% pure, sustainably sourced, botanical essential oils to scent our products. We use no synthetic fragrances at all – a very unique claim in the marketplace today. We use traditional botanical perfumery techniques to construct our complex and intriguing scents. Each is a alchemy of art, nature and science – to give a message from nature in a bottle.

Our product range included luxurious products to scent, cleanse and nourish your body, products to create a welcoming and inspiring ambience in your home, products to balance you whilst in transit or traveling and those ideal for creating a stimulating and productive workplace.

Give your life a scent makeover, remove the toxic aroma chemicals in your world and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul with the true essence of nature at Castille de Fleur.

Welcome to our new website

If only scent could be conveyed over the internet...

Perhaps one day our laptop computers, tablets and phones will have scent outlets that project aroma rather than sound. Lavender, geranium, lime, neroli and bergamot will come spritzing out of our devices, engaging the most intriguing of all our senses: smell. 

Our sense of smell is the most sensitive of all. Studies show that 65% of scents are remembered after a year, whereas visuals are remembered at 50% after only three months. Further research shows that 75% of our emotions are triggered by scent. 

At Castille De Fleur we treasure the sense of smell. Our business is built around the olfactory sense and we endeavour to create and bring you the very best scents that nature offers. 

Online, this presents a great challenge, but one that we are pleased to have met. Although we are not yet able to deliver scent to you online, we have created an online visual delight for your retail pleasure. The new website is as close as you can get to visiting our beautiful atelier in Canterbury. 

Stunning visuals and a gorgeous layout make perusing the site a true delight. 

So go on, explore. 


Why we don't use man-made fragrance chemicals

As you know, all Castille de Fleur products are scented with certified non-toxic and non-sensitising pure plant-derived essences, resins and absolutes. Unfortunately, however nearly all other scented products on the market today are scented with a chemical cocktail of dangerous synthetic aroma chemicals. We refuse to adulterate our glorious perfumes with these hazardous chemicals and would like to share some recent research on the matter...

• Most synthetic aroma chemicals are derived from petrochemicals and contain unregulated neurotoxins, carcinogens and sensitisers capable of causing cancer, birth defects, respiratory and nervous system disorders, allergies, disruption of hormonal activity and reduction of sperm counts.
• Several hundred have been classified as toxic substances some of which are cited on EPA’s hazardous waste list as non-biodegradable and accumulative in living organisms and the environment.
• Many products listing the ingredient ‘fragrance’ contain synthetic fragrance chemicals. Manufacturers can legally hide hundreds of toxic ingredients in the one word —”fragrance”— without revealing what those ingredients are.
• Most synthetic frangrance chemicals have never been tested for human toxicity, so the short and long-term health risks associated with inhaling these chemicals is unknown.
The language used in the fragrance industry has become very muddied. Make sure to read labels carefully and avoid any product that lists ‘fragrance’, 'perfume' or ‘parfum’. Deceptive aroma chemical marketing is using terms such as ‘nature identical molecules’ to describe its chemical cocktail of synthetic fragrances. Choose products that are unscented or scented with 100% pure botanical essential oils derived from sustainable sources.

SOURCES: US EPA, Environmental Working Group (EWG) US National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (HIOSH) American Academy of Environmental Physicians US Children’s Environmental Health Centre US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Greenpeace