Nature Bottled

From our botanical perfumery and scented garden nestled in the foothills of Mount Buninyong in country Victoria, we are reviving artisanal, natural perfumery methods to create a range of bespoke perfumes and scented products. We speak to you through the language of nature - her scent - in a bottled message from Castille de Fleur.

With an abundance of scented flora and fresh air at our country property, we listen closely to the perfumed poetry blowing in the wind and create each fragrant delight from its pristine origin. From flowers to fruit, from earth to leaves – we capture the essence of nature with every inhalation without a single word.

Each creation is a bespoke sensory delight - the way nature intended and a true fusion of art, nature and science. It’s an unspoken message to soothe the soul and enchant the senses. Discover yourself in a scented garden from Castille de Fleur.



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What our customers say...

"I’m loving the new Patchouli & Chai candle and my home smells wonderful! The hand cream is great - it has a lovely perfume and it doesn't leave your hand greasy. I also smelled wonderful last night after having applied the body oil and just a splash of your gorgeous new perfume. Thank you for creating these high quality products. Will be placing another order soon." Terry

"I'm loving my new Rose Ambrette perfume. It's so complex and I'm just loving wearing it. Also love the magnetic amulet and think the Mimosa Sandalwood perfume sample is also gorgeous!" Claire

"Your nose for a great mix of scents and fragrances is second to none and the soft and gentleness of your products have made a huge difference to skin and noses everywhere." Penny

"I have diffused your beautiful essences in my home for years and I truly believe they have enhanced the quality of our lives and created such a beautiful and welcoming ambience." Elizabeth

"Thank you for indulging me in a little luxurious 'alone time' when I step into my shower to bath in your products. The soft and creamy lather of the soap and the captivating natural fragrances are totally addictive and get me ready for my busy day." Alison

"So finally I have found a range of naturally scented products that are not laced with dangerous chemical fragrances. I can use them around my children and on my skin without the fear of harming our health. Thank you Castille de Fleur." Bev

Scent makes business sense
July 24, 2018

Scent makes business sense

Our sense of smell is often neglected in the modern world, especially in the business world. From emails and blog posts to print ads and radio commercials, our eyes and ears are constantly bombarded with advertisements attempting to move us in some way. This advertising white noise is making it increasingly difficult to differentiate a business and make it stand out.

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Why we don't use man-made fragrance chemicals
July 09, 2018

Why we don't use man-made fragrance chemicals

As you know, all Castille de Fleur products are scented with pure, plant-distilled oils, essences, resins and absolutes. Unfortunately, nearly all other fragranced products on the market today are scented with a chemical cocktail of potentially dangerous synthetic aroma chemicals. We refuse to adulterate our glorious perfumes with these hazardous chemicals and would like to share some research on the matter with you... 

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Ingredients matter in soap
July 08, 2018

Ingredients matter in soap

Most cleansing products on the market today aren’t real soap at all. Instead, most manufacturers have substituted cheap detergents and synthetic chemical fragrances into their products. These toxin concoctions leave your skin irritated and seep into the bloodstream. Companies that have taken this route can no longer scientifically or legally call their products soap because they’ve strayed so far from traditional recipes.

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