The artistry of botanical perfumery 
100% pure plant essence fragrances

Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 5pm,   Sunday Noon - 4pm (Closed Mondays)  
* From 1st July - 1st September inclusive

Let us speak to you through the language of nature - her scent.
She has a message and it comes in a bottle from Castille de Fleur.

We listen closely to her whisper of perfumed poetry blowing in the wind
and speak a message of bespoke soulful artistry.

From flowers to fruit, from earth to leaves –
we capture the essence of nature with every inhalation without a single word.

It’s an unspoken message to pamper your body, soothe your soul and enchant your senses.

Discover your own secret scented garden at Castille de Fleur.

Scent your space, body and soul naturally...